Natsume Championship Wrestling Smashes on to the Virtual Console…

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Nearly 12 years ago, a little title by the name of Natsume Championship Wrestling came out for the SNES, delivering what was at the time one of the top tier wrestling titles of that era. Fast forward up to today and Natsume have now brought the title back to the Nintendo Virtual Console.

If by chance you have never got a chance to play this title back in the glory days of gaming, Natsume Championship Wrestling puts up to 4 players in exhibition, tag team, and round robin matches with 12 wrestling personalities. As I’ve mentioned before, I am a big fan of wrestling games in general, and titles such as this are where I developed a love for the genre long ago so getting a chance to go back and experience all the madness of NCW is great news to me. Natsume Championship Wrestling is available for 800 points and available as of today on the virtual console.

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  • OnyxPrimal

    Just in case you didn’t know, All the wrestlers in this game are based on wrestlers from All Japan Pro Wrestling. The game is a American edit of an AJPW tag battle game. 🙂

    • Dustin Spencer

      Wow, I haven’t played this title in a while, but I never knew that at all. I think I need to download it again even more now than ever as that info kind of puts it into a new light for me. Guess I will nix the word original then. Thanks 🙂

    • v8hilux

      seriously, real lack of imagination in naming the AJPW guys then :p

  • OnyxPrimal

    Found a youtube Video of the Japanese Original. 🙂 Notable Americans on that Roster are The Patriot, Stan Hansen, Steve “Dr. Death” Williams, and Terry Gordy. I never knew NCW was based on this either when I 1st played it, but this gives me a tad more respect for the game somehow.

    • v8hilux

      trust the yanks to have a wrestler called the Patriot. Where’s the Austrailian guy – Dingo and the British guy – Earl Grey.

  • ZOMG !! THIS IS AWESOME !! Can’t wait to play this .. (walks off and turns on Wii)

  • v8hilux

    never had a chance to play this one, had a snes too. looks pretty cool for its time though and loving in ingenious names Asteriod and Phantom. Where’s Panther, Lazer and Totally Awesome Rad Man 😀

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