Natsume Championship Wrestling Smashes on to the Virtual Console…

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Nearly 12 years ago, a little title by the name of Natsume Championship Wrestling came out for the SNES, delivering what was at the time one of the top tier wrestling titles of that era. Fast forward up to today and Natsume have now brought the title back to the Nintendo Virtual Console.

If by chance you have never got a chance to play this title back in the glory days of gaming, Natsume Championship Wrestling puts up to 4 players in exhibition, tag team, and round robin matches with 12 wrestling personalities. As I’ve mentioned before, I am a big fan of wrestling games in general, and titles such as this are where I developed a love for the genre long ago so getting a chance to go back and experience all the madness of NCW is great news to me. Natsume Championship Wrestling is available for 800 points and available as of today on the virtual console.

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