Modern Combat: Domination gets patched up

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It seems that almost every PS3 game has been at the risk of being hacked. Especially considering the way that cheaters can twist online FPS’ to their will and make the game an overall horrible experience for the rest of the legitimate players. Thankfully some companies are on top of their game when it comes to addressing the hacking problems that can run rampant on systems.

Gameloft has promised its fans that Modern Combat: Domination will be getting a patch within the next few weeks that will address the hacking problem that has already started to plague their online shooter. Also being fixed are a number of complaints regarding the money system. Check the full list out below:

  • Anti-Hacking protection
  • 1X invisible collision to prevent players from going out of Factory map.
  • 1X invisible collision to prevent players from going out of Souk map.
  • Respawn: prevent face-to-face respawns.
  • Default time for a game in objective mode set to 3 minutes.
  • Modification of the range of the knife (distance and angle).
  • Playtesters added to the credits.
  • Possibility to change the range of the ping display.
  • Money accumulates from $2400 instead of $0 in all modes featuring respawn.
  • Quick fix of ‘death on respawn’ problems caused by connection issues.
  • Adjusting of controls sensitivity.
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  • v8hilux

    i’ve not had first hadn experience with this particular games problems but i have on other ps3 titles, the main issue being people maniuplating lap times/high scores/ranks etc, personally for some of these i don’t see the point… it’s obviously cause they want to have their names in lights at the top of the leader board but it doesn’t work that way. If just 1-5 people did it then fair enough everyone would be like woooo look at those guys/gals, but the fact it’s done in siginificant numbers means it just creates a dual tier of results in which they still end up battleing with other hackers to try and get the tope score so in the end they’ve not really achieved anything, not even kudos from the people they brag too… ohhh yeah check out my 1000000 points compared to your tiny 1000… yeah but you hacked the game and effectively cheated so its not really brag worthy so i am still king MUHAHAHAHA!

  • jaypea360

    Totally agree with ya there hilux.

    If these hackers applied their time and skill to something usefull they would be surprised that there is a world outside of their little hacking bubble. They even hack games they have never BLOODY PLAYED!!!

    And the websites that promote and inform you how to hack games should be shutdown.

    It will never happen though. People are just douches. Keep on top of it gaming developers, support your games after release.

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