Mario Sports Mix…Part of a Balanced Breakfast!

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With the official U.S. release of Mario Sports Mix today, I thought I would show off a nice bit of promotional materia…cereal that Nintendo recently sent us. When it comes to throwing down in the Mushroom Kingdom on the court, nothing gets the team at Capsule Computers going more than a nice bowl of Mario Sports Mix. As you see above, this nice little mini-cereal box is being used to promote the new title, and inside the box is a small pouch of Mari-Os. I have encountered quite a bit of edible gaming swag in my time, but by far this is the most unique and clever, so a big thanks goes out to Nintendo for sending this.

Mario’s latest sports outing lets players experience Basketball, Volleyball, Dodge-ball and many other sports with the whole Nintendo charm. I have been having a lot of fun with the title myself recently and highly recommend it to any Wii owner who is craving tearing up the courts with Mario, Luigi, and many other famed Nintendo & Square characters. Our own Matt Vella reviewed Mario Sports Mix in full and gave it a 8.5 Capsules as well so you should definitely check out his detailed experience with the title by clicking HERE.

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  • Yummmm … I want some of these !! Ninteno shouldd start production of Breakfast Cereals !! They’ll make even more millions !!

    Who wouldnt eat Mari-O’s for break fast in the morning and find a baby Yoshi hidden inside the box … BARGAIN !!!!

  • v8hilux

    Niiice! good lil touch there from those concerned at nintendo. I’m just glad they sent you Mari-O’s and not Toad-Stools 😉

  • Cellophane Girl

    haha “mari-O’s”. I like it.

    They should bring back the “Nintedo Cereal System”. Link Marshmallows FTW!

  • Zowwerz

    Mari-Os, what a genius name. Shame they’re just cheerios in a fancy box though.

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