LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Announced

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The worlds of Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones and Harry Potter have all been re-imagined as LEGO bricks, and now the little plastic yellow guys are embarking on another licensed adventure: the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Of course, the game’s release coincides with the release of the fourth Pirates film, On Stranger Tides, in May.

The basic details have been announced, and it sounds very much like previous games in the LEGO series: players will control Cap’n Jack Sparrow, plus around 70 other characters (are there 70 characters in the films?), and explore 20 levels based on the original trilogy and the upcoming fourth film. Key scenes from all four movies will be re-enacted, and the blend of the film franchise’s irreverent humour, with the LEGO series’ almost parody style of humour, is a sure winner.

As always, the animation looks great, and the characters are recognisable and appealing as their LEGO caricatures. Gameplay has been described as “action-adventure”, which is vague enough to be almost anything. But if the other games are any indication, it will be solid and entertaining, if not particularly innovative. The game is due in May for a blanket release on Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, PSP, DS, and PC.

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  • Cellophane Girl

    I love the Lego game series. This looks like yet another hit. Gonna have to pick this up at some point.
    Lego Jack Sparrow is adorable. 😀

    • i think there will be a lego version of cod soon

  • v8hilux

    awesome, a drunk lego pirate stagering around a lego land :-p i just might have to get this one :-p looks like a classic. Any ideas for other lego spin offs? Liking the lego COD idea!

  • jaypea360

    Looking forward to this installment. Lego harry potter did not appeal to me at all.
    Getting better with their choices.

  • v8hilux

    none of the lego series so far has appealed really, other than the old old skool lego games not themed on anything. Though reckon this one might be worth a shout. I’m just waiting for lego terminator or lego rocky

    • jaypea360

      How can you not like Lego Indy? Its Indiana freakin Jones, in a Lego game.

      Now a Lego Terminator or Rocky would be sweet. Great ideas. The lego characters already speak like Rocky to, in a series of grunts and noises LOL.

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