L.A. Noire’s boxart revealed

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Despite the fact that L.A. Noire has a history of being late to the scene of the crime it looks like it will finally be arriving on May 17th. Sure Team Bondi and Rockstar can give it a set release date but now that they have released the official box art, it all feels real now. According to Rockstar Games there will be more information about pre-order content and exclusive content depending on where players are looking to buy the game tomorrow.

But at least at the moment we have this very colorful looking boxart which can signify the red and blue lights that cop cars have on top of their vehicles and also depicts a dead woman’s face on one side with another dead man with cops standing near him on the other. Not the best boxart I have ever seen but it certainly makes you feel like the game you will be playing is definitely going to be dark. What do you think?

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  • jaypea360

    Time to get excited!!

    One of the more serious box arts. No fun and games going on in that cover. Looks like rough times are ahead. I like it.

    • Cellophane Girl

      I agree, the box art seems to give a good feel of the seriousness of the game.

      The colors work with the look as well.

      Of course a game can have AMAZING box art and be TERRIBLE. So lets just hope the game lives up to expectations. I usually buy games based on how good they are not how the cover looks.

      • jaypea360

        That is very true. With this game I am going to buy it regardless as I just want to support an Aussie Developer. Plus I have never bought a Rockstar game I did not like 🙂

      • v8hilux

        i think it will live up to expectations and surpass them, check out the trailers knocking about on here, it looks phenominal.

        • Cellophane Girl

          I think it’s going to be a great game from all I’ve seen. I was just saying even if the cover art was awful I’d still want the game. Though the cover art is nice and eye grabbing so that does help with sales for some people. 🙂

    • v8hilux

      definitely rockstar never disapoints and team bondi have really bought the game into the new world.

  • v8hilux

    looks great I will definitely be getting this game and on preorder for the damned DLC they’re bound to release with preorder. If things don’t go well for me then it will coinside with my redundancy so i will have plenty of free time to hit this one up!

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