Gameloft Presents – Starfront: Collision

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Gameloft, creators of wholly original games, have launched ‘Starcra–‘ err… ‘Starfront: Collision’ on the iPhone.

The game features 3 playable races, The Wardens, The Myriads and The Consortium who are all at war with each other. The Consortium want to mine The Wardens primary mineral while the Wardens don’t want the Consortium to mine it. The Myriads just want to kill everyone else because they’re cool like that.

Or at least, that’s what I gathered from the trailer. The game looks like a promising Starcraft clone though and will likely keep RTS enthusiasts amused or, at the least, slightly entertained.

The game will be available (to quote gameloft) –

Available February 10th on the App Store, for iPhone & iPod touch (4G & 3G generations)

Enjoy the embedded trailer below.

–  Special note from Gameloft Twitter account : To make sure Starfront: Collision is perfect its release date has been moved to February 18th. Be sure your patience will be rewarded!

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