Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II coming to PSN

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Recently, gaming giant Square-Enix announced that they were releasing Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II on the Playstation Network.

The games will be released on the 16th of February and the 2nd of March, respectively, which is a gap just long enough to have completed one then move straight onto the other. They will be priced at 7.99 Euros each, but consumers that purchase Dissidia: 012 [Duodecim] Final Fantasy and/or Parasite Eve The 3rd Birthday (both titles appearing on the PSP) will recieve a 50% off voucher for Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II from each respective title.

While you expect a straight port of the original titles to the online store, this appears to not be the case with each port containing a new dungeon for players to explore as well as artworks and other special features.
to quote the press release –


  • The ultimate edition of the game that gave birth to a phenomenon.
  • The original game in the amazing FINAL FANTASY series that has sold over 97 million copies worldwide returns
  • Features the extra dungeon Labyrinth of Time.
  • Art Gallery mode allows you to view the stunning artwork of leading illustrator Yoshitaka Amano.


  • Features the extra dungeons Arcane Labyrinth and Arcane Sanctuary.
  • Art Gallery mode allows you to view the stunning artwork of leading illustrator Yoshitaka Amano.

These features are pretty cool, especially the Amano art gallery, and Final Fantasy die hards should consider whether it is in interests to purchase this edition of these titles.

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  • jaypea360

    Wow its back. Can you believe that FF1 is over 20 years old. Diehards would buy this without the extra content so its good to see Square-Enix giving back to the community with the extras.

  • rob hestar

    Awesome,I love final fantasy and have been wanting to play 1 & 2 again & this comes along..I guess it’s destiny calling :P.

  • blakehu

    THIS IS JUST QWESOME, I can’t belive it 😀 PSN RLZ 😀

  • v8hilux

    Not a fan of the FF series, first i heard of it was the first release on the PS1, will the sereis ever come to an end, what are they up to now… 9-10 summit like that?

    • 14 main entries, with a whole bunch of spin-offs. I think it’s roughly 30 or so titles.

  • Tiffany Overall

    My boyfriend is going to love this!

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