Fallout: New Vegas “Dead Money” DLC soon to be available on PC and PS3

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So it’s been about two months now since the release of Fallout: New Vegas’ first DLC pack for the Xbox 360, and it is about time that the timed exclusive was finally released on the other consoles. It will be exactly two months on February 22nd and that is the same day that Dead Money will be available for download on the PlayStation 3 and the PC via their respective download markets.

Now the question is whether or not the DLC has received any improvements or upgrades since the pack was released two months ago. You can check out our review for the Xbox 360 DLC here, though I doubt much will have changed in the time since its release. Also released was the fact that the next three add on packs will launch at the same time on all systems, meaning no more timed exclusivity for the Xbox 360.

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  • v8hilux

    woohoo, screw mr gates and his endless pockets. Still mad at rockstar for releaseing gta packs on xbox first despite it starting out on the playstation all them oons ago. I’m yet to meet anyone who has switched consoles ppurely because of the availability of DLC or advanced release dates.

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