Dragon Age II demo available February 22nd

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BioWare announced today that Dragon Age 2 will be getting a full demo that will be available on every system that the game is coming out for on February 22nd. That means that anyone who has a PC, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 will be able to get access to Dragon Age II before the game actually sells in stores, as demos usually are.

What isn’t common for demos however is the fact that if players choose to access the demo they will be able to obtain the dwarven sword Hayder’s Razor. Hayder’s Razor will boost Hawke’s health, mana and fighting power and is able to be used in the full game as long as the player obtained it in the demo. Besides the free weapon the demo will allow players to choose one of three different character classes and meet Isabela who is a love interest in the main game.

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  • jaypea360

    For such an involved series, the demo will hardly do the game justice.

    I like the idea of content obtained in the demo carrying on to the full game, similar to Dead Rising Case Zero allowing you to level up and collect combo cards that transferred to the full game(although Case Zero was not free).

    Crackdown 2 did something similar with their demo. Starting to see a trend here.

  • Cellophane Girl

    Getting nice equipment and things from the demo that can carry over to the game is a nice touch.
    Fable II pub games did it as well. But I ended up in so much debt I never carried the stuff over.

  • v8hilux

    agree with the above, bonus content in demos is a cool touch, as long as it’s extra content and not integral to the main game.

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