DLC supply for Guitar Hero and DJ Hero stopped at end of the month

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It looks like there will be no more heroes in the future of Activision…. okay bad pun but regardless of that, Activision will be pulling the plug completely on Guitar Hero and DJ Hero at the end of February. This crushes the hopes of fans who hoped that despite the cancellation of the series, that the games would continue to be supported with song packs and DLC in the months to come.

This news comes from the Guitar Hero twitter and states that any previously announced DLC tracks will still be released this month, but after that the IV that has been keeping the series supplied with fresh songs will be stopped. Then again it makes sense considering the amount of money that Activision has to pay bands to license their songs and use them for their game, but it still is a let down to know that your Guitar Hero discs will not be supported any further by the publisher.

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  • Cellophane Girl

    This just means that harmonix will pretty much have their pick. No more wars over bands and songs. So hopefully this means even more great songs for RB.
    I always hated when I’d get a song on one game and then a month later it would be on the other game.

    I stopped buying DLC for GH long ago just for that reason.

  • v8hilux

    I’m gutted! Rock Band is pants compared to Guitar Hero in almost every aspect. Have they actually given any reason at all for why GH is being dropped?

    • Travis Bruno

      They said that over time the series just cost too much to continue to support. Basically they said that the licensing of songs and paying off the bands just started to make them lose money. Also sales of music games have fallen heavily over the years which didn’t help either.

      • v8hilux

        fair enough i guess still gutting. they had all the big names in the guitar world on there over the years. i think what put a lot of people off is the mountains of guitars they kept bringing out. shame really it’s going 🙁

  • jaypea360

    The fall of the music games sales can be attributed to the flooding of the market which Activision/Blizzard pretty much did single handed. I only ever bought GH3, no DLC and it was still a great standalone product.

    I never saw the need for so much DLC which ultimately led to the demise.

    • Cellophane Girl

      I don’t think the DLC was the problem. I think it was more of putting out a whole new game every 6 months.
      GH: Van Halen was awful. I only own it because when I bought GH5 or World tour (I can’t remember which) you could send off to get VH free.
      I’m not much for the single band games. The only one I really like is the Beatles RB, the visuals in that game totally made it.

      I play music games a lot and the DLC just makes the game last longer. Though I have to admit sometimes it’s really hard to pick a song when you have hundreds of them in one game.

      • jaypea360

        I guess they needed all the DLC to keep fans happy. So much diversity in peoples taste in music. So many bands though, would have cost them a fortune.

        Do you think that another reason was all the different controllers? I mean, if you bought one version of GH, that came with a guitar so each new title you purchased only required the standalone game. Who needs 6 different fake guitars anyway?

        I only bought GH3 and never found a need to get any DLC. If I want to play something different I’ll pick up my real Gibson SG and crank that up 🙂

        • Cellophane Girl

          Yeah it could have been all the guitar peripherals. Most people who would buy the games would buy one game with a guitar and then just buy games after that. I think When they made “improvements” on the guitars they were either ill conceived or just weren’t different enough to warrant spending the extra money on a new guitar.
          I do plan on picking up some of the WoR guitars when they go on sale. They seem pretty sturdy and small enough for my hands, where as the WT guitar was to big and clunky for me and the GH3 guitar had the problems with the neck. I still love my GH2 X-plorer and the original SG on the PS2. Just the right size for me and not overly complicated with touch strips and all that jazz.
          They should have focused more on the music. Just DLC, and put out supplemental track packs like RB did.
          I think their mentality was more of “hey we paid all this money for these bands we need to get as much money as possible, lets put out a full game”. I think they would have made more money with DLC if they kept a regular schedule and used the bands they had, instead of putting it into a full out game.

  • v8hilux

    All in all it’s a shame to see it go 🙁

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