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After some slight technical delays, (MASTER ABBOTT! GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM ALREADY!), the Capsule Computers Podcast is back and better than ever.  This week, Dustin, Ben (aka Link), Matt and Phil bring you the latest gaming news and reviews.  Are your eardrums prepared for awesomeness?

Listen in as we discuss Killzone 3, Marvel vs Capcom 3 and the new Medal of Honor.  Plus, hear our thoughts on game difficulty.  Also, we go through some of the newest iPhone games.  Finally, we also steamed up the podcast with a sick sur-PRIZE.

As always, thanks for listening.  We really appreciate it. Send your tips, comments, suggestions and other thoughts to – We will read them on next weeks podcast.



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  • Cellophane Girl

    I prefer when games have difficulty settings. If you want to make a game accessible to more people make easier options. I generally play games on the easier settings because I have some learning disabilities and motor skill problems.
    Games are more of a cinematic experience now. They made old games hard to extend the life of the game. They don’t need to do that now, with games being long as is and DLC.
    It really all comes down to what is challenging to you personally, and what you get the most enjoyment out of. I’ve been playing games since I was 5, and by all comparisons I’m TERRIBLE at most games, but I enjoy playing.
    I am glad there are difficulty settings, not everyone is a seasoned gamer or have the mental or physical abilities to play games on the harder settings. It’s a good way to help introduce players who might be intimidated by harder games.

    • I understand what you mean, If it wasn’t for difficulty settings there’d be no way that I’d be as good as I am now with games. Our main concern was that a certain developer had, instead of sticking to their heels in regards to their game, had caved into the demands of a generation of gamers who, instead of actually trying to get better at the game, demanded to have their hand held and have an already released game permanently edited with the difficulty reduced. Imagine if Square-Enix removed levelling from their games, then made every boss weak to everything; the game wouldn’t be as challenging, nor would it have been as enjoyable. When things are a breeze you’re not feeling challenged and in turn the completion of a task feels less rewarding. Surely you feel great when you finally crack that impossible puzzle or down that larger than life boss? Did you play Twilight Princess? What are your impressions of the Boss difficulty in that game?

      • Cellophane Girl

        I don’t play Zelda games. They are to hard for me, to the point of frustration really.

        I understand people want a challenge, but “challenge” is different for different people. I’m all for difficulty settings because it allows people to enjoy games on their terms.
        Though i agree with the thought that they shouldn’t patch Catherine straight out and make every difficulty easier, Maybe just add an easier difficulty.

        I love when games that have action and puzzles let you chose the difficulties of those two aspects separately. I am terrible at the action parts but I LOVE the challenge of the puzzles. I hate when just because I had to bump the difficulty down because I can’t handle the action parts I have to do puzzles that are to easy.

        I think the main things with me, in respect to playing games is my sever dyslexia , memory problems and my anxiety. So I get in a situation where I have to fight and switch weapons and things I get overwhelmed and then forget how to switch out things, or use health items, or I end up hitting the wrong buttons.
        But still I try, easier difficulties just make it easier for me to get the hang of controls until they become second nature to me.
        It took me MONTHS of playing Guitar Hero on easy before I could move up to medium. I kept failing and failing but I persisted, and after over a year of playing on medium I moved up to hard. I Can play on Expert now on most songs, which is a good feeling. But if I had to jump in at even medium I would have been frustrated beyond belief and probably never played enough to get any better.

        Sorry for Rambling.

        • That’s perfectly understandable. I know what you mean with guitar Hero though, I still can’t do expert at all…

    • v8hilux

      i prefer when you can choose the difficulty levels too you create your own challenge. I like the option to scale up too like on cod etc where you can build up the level of difficulty. Though I have played games in the past, mainstream games too, where the jump between difficulty levels has been too extreme, ie the difficulty you have it set to is far far to easy so you notch it up one and it instantly becomes ridiculously hard.

  • Cellophane Girl

    Oh man the outtakes had me rolling with laughter once again.
    Master Abbot should change his name to Captain Rabbit.
    Blasting off again!!!!

  • hahahahah Master Rabbit !! It’s the year of the Rabbit in Chinese Astrology so that might not be a bad idea 😉

    MasterRabbit HOPPING OFF AGAIN !!!! 😉 I’ll make sure you all get Easter Eggs at Easter Time !!

    Glad you enjoyed the Podcast.

    • Cellophane Girl

      LOL. Hey remember that for the podcast you do around Easter!

      OH! Totally do an “Easter Egg Special”. Where you discuss easter eggs in games. That would be pretty sweet.

  • jaypea360

    Another great Podcast. The part about the difficulty in games was rather interesting. I thought these days if people get stuck they just look up a walkthrough rather than complaining to the developer. Its hard for a reason I guess.

    I play my games on the hardest difficulty, always have. Sure its a headache sometimes but I like it that way.

    Someone sounds like they are really enjoying Killzone 3, Playstations new flagship maybe? I read the review to and it looks awesome. Also I can’t wait for you guys to get more info on Dead Island, I am so pumped for that one.

    Keep up the good work, I would not change a thing. Oh, and to my shock and surprise, no one had activated the prize yet on steam, ‘Who’s That Flying’. So thank you for that.

    • Cellophane Girl

      I figured since I snagged the prize last week, I would leave it for someone else. Not to mention I just got 2 PC games as prizes from 2 other competitions from CC so I felt I needed to share the wealth,so to speak. 😀

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