Capsule Computers Podcast Episode 002 – Good vs. Evil

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We are back!  This week, an evil sounding Sith Lord has taken over certain members of the podcast.  Although some suspect that the voices you hear on this podcast are faked, we can assure you that we have a battle of epic proportions on our hands.

Listen in as we discuss the latest news like the Pink Knight coming to Castle Crashers and a Black Ops DLC review.  We also talk about the Google CR48 Computer and some PC & iPhone games.  If you listen to the whole ‘cast, you will also have an opportunity to win a valuable prize.

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List of links that were mentioned during the podcast:

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 Review

Who’s that Flying?! PC Review

The Pink Knight comes to Castle Crahsers

Dark Souls Trailer

Twisted Pixel’s “Gunstringer”

Angry Birds Cameo in Movie

Doodle Jump and Hop movie cameo

Batman Arkham Asylum Screenshots

Black Ops First Strike DLC

Dance Evolution Review

Plants vs Zombies Nintendo Review

Secret of Mana iPhone Review

Mortal Combat iPhone Review

Google CR48 Impressions

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