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It is finally here !!!  The first ever Capsule Computers Podcast!  Phil (MasterAbbott), Dylan (RadicalDylan) and Jed (Jedmankaboom18), bring you the latest news, reviews and discussions in the world of video games.

Download this podcast on iTunes or the Zune Marketplace.  Or, have a listen down below. Please rate and review us as well.  We will be back next week with the Capsule Computers Podcast Episode 002. For now, crack open your favorite audio listening program and give Episode 001 a listen.  Make sure to listen to the whole thing.  You never know what kind of sur-PRIZES we laid in there. 🙂

Finally, we had Darth Vader working on some plumbing today, so don’t be alarmed if you occasionally hear his racket.  Those pesky problems will be fixed in next weeks show.  Make sure to write us at for suggestions, tips and questions – THE BEST suggestions and questions will be given a mention on the show and you might even win a prize !!

Thanks for listening and enjoy the show !! (click anywhere in the white box to start if you done see a play button)



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Links to our coverage of the things we mentioned in the podcast:

NGP – Next Generation Portable aka, PSP 2

Nintendo 3DS

Black Ops: First Strike DLC

Test Drive Unlimited 2

Dead Space 2

Dead Rising XBLA

Metro 2033 Review

Homefront Preview

New Kirby Game

LA Noire

Modern Combat: Domination

Breach Review

Dead Space Interview

SHIFT extended

Mario Sports Mix

Two Worlds II Review:

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  • v8hilux

    cool intro, hittin up the dl.

  • Mystygirl

    Awesome stuff boys and interesting! The opening music needs to go lol.. it grates!! Totally agree about the new Sonic releases.

    LOL though @ comparing a game to sports!

    What you can do better is not threaten 10 hour podcasts lol Ahhhhh I have other stuff to do!

    I think a good idea is to break them up into smaller downloads so i can download it for later use when im almost out of memory or downloads.

    ROFL @ Real life acheivements.. take out the garbage and level up.. hope that comes with a massive spending bonus.

    BTW Dillon has the best voice ive ever heard so we definitely want to hear more of him!

    BTW yes boys girls are listening too 😛

  • Mystygirl

    BTW just to humour you all.. I got the code 😛

  • v8hilux

    I’ve been listening to the track since i got in to work this morning, like the video you got for it too!

  • Budge

    Great but I normally prefer shorter podcasts but I’ll still listen at this length. Nice reviews and news but next time could you include More stuff about iOS. Hey mistygirl what was the code for.

  • will285

    Great idea but maybe I would suggest a video podcast sometimes and it doesn’t matter how long it goes for cause your talking about games 🙂

  • v8hilux

    second wills thoughts, videocast would be good n time is no issue. just listended to the third one, just popped back here for the link to the theme again :-p

  • blakehu

    First is almost the best, because it’s a start of something new.

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