Bizarre Creations leaves a video farewell

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Some companies go out of business with no mention of what they have done in the past, not even a final good bye. But Bizarre Creations can’t just close their doors without at least saying farewell. The companies cinematic director Eamon Urtone has decided to release a small montage which shows off some of the more recent accomplishments from the studio’s history.

It is depressing to see a studio that has been around since 1994 close its doors. Activision’s purchase of the company was met with many road blocks and after a poorly received Blur, Activision closed its doors. Farewell Bizarre Creations, hopefully your employees will find jobs at other studios quickly.

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  • That was cool way to go out with a WE DID THIS

  • jaypea360

    Nice touch. I would have added a big FU to Activision in there to. Working under Activision would be terrible. If you don’t sell as much as COD your screwed.

    • v8hilux

      wonder how activision justified it? im sure the vast majority will be joining the queue with my place in the redundancy line.

  • v8hilux

    pretty cool montage, shame to see all these guys shutting up shop. good ol’ recession.

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