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Rio! – upcoming 3D animated movie is the product of Brazillian/American co-operation, between Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox. It is not short on vocal talents department, with Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Rodrigo Santoro, Kate del Castillo, Jamie Foxx,  Tracy Morgan, George Lopez, Leslie Mann, Jemaine Clement, Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Lynch, Robin Thicke and Will.I.Am in the cast.

Jessie Eisenberg is playing the voice of Blu, a member of rare species of macaw, who embarks on an adventure to meet a female of his kind. The movie is set to be released around 15/Apr/11 worldwide, with the lucky Brazilians getting a sneak preview ahead of the world on 08/Apr/11. In order to promote the movie, 20th Century Fox has announced a tie in with Rovio, releasing Angry Birds Rio!. Angry Birds Rio! will feature new characters, new music, and 45 new levels based on scenes from the movie. It is available now for iPhone, Palm, Nokia and Android phone platforms.

More details check out the video below 

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  • v8hilux

    Wow, major lack of enthusiasm or general emmotion from the reporter :-p still was unaware it was available on most formats so will have to have a looksie tonight.

  • Jd8531

    what has this move industry come to

  • Steve Suh

    Heh my apologies… I did this as a test run for you guys :P, my specialty is in PC reviews and there is one coming up TONIGHT~
    Look out for my retro review – NOLF2 yeah baby!

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