Activision cancels Guitar Hero series & True Crime: Hong Kong

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Well, bad news everyone. If you are a fan of the Guitar Hero series then you will have to turn to other alternatives to get your music game fix because Guitar Hero is dead. Activision Blizzard confirmed today on their Q4 announcements that not only will Guitar Hero be canceled, but DJ hero will also be cancelled due to unspecified reasons. This means that although Harmonix is also struggling at the moment, they are standing as the only interactive music game developer in the market.

Also announced was the fact that True Crime: Hong Kong has received the cancellation hammer now as well. This may have been the reason that not much has been said about the game since it was announced years ago. Unlike the Guitar Hero series, True Crime: Hong Kong received a reason for its cancellation; because apparently it was not good enough to compete with other games in the open world genre and wouldn’t make enough profit to justify continued development. Bad news all around.

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  • jaypea360

    I think Acivision/Blizzard milked as much as they could from the Guitar Hero franchise anyway.

    As for True Crime, they can’t expect every game to make as much money as their CoD series. Bobby Kotick is evil, evil I tell ya.

  • v8hilux

    I’d agree but still gutted it’s gone. Rock Band is pants, the game and the equipment they give you compared to guitar hero. Surely it’s not a hard game to keep supporting with dlc…? just release new track packs, that’ll keep everyone ticking over for a while.

  • Cellophane Girl

    I honestly prefer RB anyway. But I do own every GH game and I enjoy them. Though I knew this was coming, activision was cramming to many GH games down peoples throats. They saturated the market and caused to much competition for themselves.
    This is pretty much Tony Hawk all over again.

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