Will MvC3 have a unique rage quitting feature?

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One of the worst parts about any online game are the people who rage quit.  Halo Reach and other online games have attempted to deal with such gamers in different ways.  But Marvel vs. Capcom 3 may have the most inventive idea yet.  After tracking players for awhile, Capcom will detect who frequently quits mid match.  And those players will be treated to a special matchmaking bracket.  Specifically, this bracket, or playlist, will be populated by “birds of a feather.” In other words, if you frequently rage quit, you will play only with others who frequently rage quit.  Although this “feature” has not yet been confirmed to be actually in the game, we will keep you updated.  The only problem with this system is that those with spotty online service may be subjected to unfair treatment.

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  • ropes

    This is a great idea. Putting all the rage quitters together into their own section of gaming. It may be a problem for those with bad internet service, but they will continue to play together.

  • frankcastle66

    this is the greatest idea ever thought of in relation to matchmaking lol

  • v8hilux

    capcom and marvel… hmmm, super heros against ‘tough guys’ not really comparible but no doubt it’ll work on some levels to be a fairly decent game.

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