Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 – Caddie Developer Diary

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EA Tiburon, the development team behind Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: the Masters has put out this interesting Developer Diary taking a detailed look at one of the new features that will be appearing in the latest Tiger Woods golf game: caddies.

Caddies provide assistance to real-life golfers, and often their knowledge of a course can prove very useful for the golfers. The team behind this title explains how they’ve examined caddies and have tried to add them to the game for a more authentic golfing simulation. They also come with neat quirks attached, such as the caddies’ abilities to gain more and more knowledge of a course the more you play, and subsequently can provide better advice.

All of this information and more can be found out by taking a look at the video below, which features members of the development team and professional golfers.

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  • v8hilux

    seems like a pretty decent feature, EA have always been good at developing new ideas in sports games and adding intuative little tweaks here and there but then they tend not to stick with them year on year or modify them for the worst. Lets hope this turns out to be a very useful function and if so one they keep.

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