Latest LA Noire screens are suspicious

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Now with previous screenshots we’ve seen the different facial emotions that L.A. Noire can express with their MotionScan technology. This means that although you can be right in the middle of the action during car chases and shootouts between criminals and yourself, there is the investigative side as well. There is your standard collecting of evidence, but the best way to gather information is from an old fashioned interrogation.

We aren’t talking about beating somebody into talking either. By paying attention to the suspects facial expressions and behavior you will be able to figure out what questions to ask them and whether or not they are lying to you or being truthful. If this mechanic works as well as Team Bondi and Rockstar are saying then this creation will definitely put L.A. Noire on a new level as far as mystery games go.

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  • v8hilux

    again this looks awesome, from what i;ve seen on the pics and the trailers you guys have put up the expressions work really well and you can almost lip read the characters, something which i’ve never seen in a computer game outstide of the fmv sequences.

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