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Microsoft, best known for it’s successful Windows line of PC operating systems, makers of the Xbox360 and now apparently webseries producers.

That’s right, Microsoft have a webseries. Maybe two. The webseries’ are based around the X360, the Kinect and games, demos, gameplay tips and competitions. The hosts are quite charismatic and aren’t too hard on the eyes. The episodes themselves aren’t too long, running at around 4-5 minutes each, and seem to be slightly entertaining. Entertaining is always good, but they do try to remain informative.

Like on the latest episode of ‘The Kinect Show’ the host lady – Bridgit O’Neill – shows us a hint on operating the kinect from a seated position. It looks awkward, but it would benefit many gamers. They have other series, like ‘The Family Show’, and various other videos and gameplay footage.

The video’s are available on the Inside Xbox homepage and from your Xbox360 dashboard (if you’re connected to LIVE).

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Gaming for as long as my memory serves me, probably longer.
    OMG they re branded their Inside XBOX shows, which have been around for 5 YEARS! The KINECT show started as soon as the KINECT launched.
    They have been doing “series” of casts with the SAME people every week
    FML X (

  • You’re quite right, though, this isn’t news. This site seemed to be lacking an article on it so I figuered I’d fill the gap. I knew it wasn’t news when I posted it, it is not labelled or even placed in the news category. Please check your argument.

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