HAPPY Australia DAY Competition !!!

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G’DAY EVERYONE !!!   In only a few more hours  Australias will be CELEBRATING AUSTRALIA DAY!! A DAY WE ALL STAND UP BE PROUD THAT WE’RE ALL AUSTRALIAN AND MOST OF ALL THROW SOME LAMB CHOPS ON THE BARBIE  – no not a sprimp – thats so 1985 !! Check out and have a laugh at the video below of Australia’s first “Lambassador” and his Plea to the United Nations to make January 26th INTERTNATIONAL AUSTRALIA DAY !!  –


Leave a comment below and let us know what you love most about Australia ?  Is it our beautiful beaches, our cute and cuddly Koala Bears ?  Our Cricket team ?  Our Super HOT Accents ? MasterAbbott .. eerrmm *cough* sorry I thought I’d throw that in.  Our beer ?  Be as creative as possible.  The best comment will win themselves a video game of some sort on one of the following platforms :  XBOX, PS3, Nintendo Wii, or PC.  (only one entry per person – competition ends 27th Jan – AU )

Happy Australia Day from The Capsule Computers Crew. Think of us tomorrow while were having a BEER – NO NOT FOSTERS !!! – thats the beer we give away because no one here in Australia wants it & throwing a few LAMB Chops on the Barbie !! 😉


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  • will285

    I love the people in Australia and the atmosphere of us. The cricket team (hopefully they can win and rap up the series today). I love our accents who nobody else can copy. And finally the BBQ and OUR LAMB EMBASADOR, SAM KEKOVICH.

    Raise your tongs and throw some lamb chops on the BBQ today on Australia Day 🙂

  • Budge

    I love our games developers. We don’t have many but the ones we do have are gold. HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY EVERYONE!!!

  • jaypea360

    Its the lifestyle and people. We are all laid back champs that just roll with it and love this country. Bad times or good times we always hold our heads up high and know how to celebrate a good time.

    Happy Australia Day!!

  • ladyboarder9669

    Definintly the animals! Koala Bears and Kangaroos!

    Happy Australia Day!

  • v8hilux

    Perhaps a bit cliche but being from the UK the biggest and best thing I love about Australia has to be…
    The one…
    The only…
    Ladies and Gentlemen…
    I give you…
    Can you guess who it is yet…?


    A true king amongst men if ever there was one.

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