Get your own grave stone in Silent Hill: Downpour

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Bit of a morbid contest but regardless of that fact, Konami is looking for people with artistic ability to take a crack at designing grave stones and monuments. This means that, if you so wish, you can draw and design a grave stone and submit it to Konami for them to choose which ones they like. Then on February 10th they will release their six favorite grave monuments and allow the public to vote on which three they should use within the game.

Though the announcement of this contest does have a small restriction however. The announcement states: “Since this is a new chapter in the Silent Hill saga, sculptures must be original works and not based off of existing characters or creature designs.” This means that regardless of your attachment to past characters or past monsters, they will not be allowed to be voted on or even considered. That doesn’t mean you can’t draw them anyways for fun however.

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