Angry Birds Releasing as a Board Game!

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One of the best mobile games in history is coming to a living room near you.  Announced at CES, Mattel is working on this adaption.  As far as we can tell, each player will draw “Mission Cards” that depict instructions of buildings you can use to protect your plastic pigs.  And then you can use a mini catapult to destroy it!  Or, you know, shoot rocks at your neighbor’s dog.  The game will cost a lousy 14.99 when it arrives on on the world scene this summer.  All I really want to know is, “Where can I pre-order this?!” Now lets see if we can get a board game of ‘Cut the Rope.’

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  • hahaha yes i want this too !! and Cut The Rope that will great fun as well

  • Raphael

    am i the only one who thinks its a bad idea and the reason apps and other video games dont normally become board games is because it doesnt work that way? like movies too video games

  • this can be a nice collector’s item in the future, i want a PvZ board game too xD

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