What Is Project Ninja?

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A well known marketing tactic is to leave the fans wanting to know more, but one publisher has recently decided to take it a step further by telling us practically nothing. Surprisingly, this is beginning to prove effective and is gaining hype net-wide within the last few weeks, leaving anime fans asking ‘So what the heck is Project Ninja anyways?’ 

Last week character artwork images were released for a secret anime-inspired project under the code name ‘Project Ninja’; even more of this anime style artwork were released this week. To make things even more curious, in various press releases it was kept secret what publisher will even release this project, only that there will be multiple award winning publishers publishing it. But what is it? They won’t even announce that. It is hinted however it could be either a new web comic, cartoon or video game.  However, promises were made that “Whatever the format, gamers and anime lovers alike are guaranteed to be satisfied when further “Project Ninja” details are released in the coming weeks.”

What we do know is that new information will be announced soon, and that it will be based on the life and journey of a ninja, who’s job is to defeat the world’s most evil and destructive warrior corporations. We also know that the world’s last hope is ‘the chosen one’, who is the ninja that needs to protect ‘Angel City’. Oh yeah and he’s also got to restore the natural balance of order and utilise extraordinary ninja skills along the way. You know, typical ninja stuff. 

Many are assuming it will be a video game based on the fact these press releases were distributed to various video game news websites, but nothing is confirmed yet. One rumour surfacing the net is that the character artwork is rather just cute, chibi versions of famous characters from the Bleach and Naruto franchises and that this project will be a collaboration or mash up of the two. Others argue against this theory saying it could be they just share similarities because the project is anime inspired. Regardless, ninja fans should keep an eye out for this one. 


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