Unbound Saga Coming to XBLA today

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Unbound Saga is set inside a comic book and is all about punching and kicking your enemies as you run across the pages. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Unbound Saga is a 3D side scrolling brawler with cel-shaded graphics. Unbound Saga takes place within a comic book universe, where you need to travel across the pages and face enemies as they appear on the page.

Unbound Saga is out on the Xbox Live Arcade today for 800 Microsoft Points. Once it drops, get to comic on!

  • Travis Bruno

    Sounds very familiar. It looks exactly like Comic Zone though that one is quite old now. But then again with the way the hand draws new enemies in it looks strikingly similar to that.

  • Yes sounds very similar to Comic Zone .. LOVED that game .. lets hope its as good if not better 😉

  • frankcastle66

    i played the trial and i couldent get into it and its a shame because i love comics and i also loved comic zone master abbott

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