Thor: God of Thunder gets Dated along with a “Shocking” Debut Trailer…

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Tired of announcement trailers yet? Of course you’re not. Sega were also at the Video Game awards this year and after recenlty revealing more information about their new title, Thor: God of Thunder, the company also debuted the title’s first big trailer. The first bit of good news with this is that the game will NOT use the same story as the movie so playing the game is going to be a completely different experience. The other bit of good news? As of now the game looks like it could make Ironman 2 run home crying to his comic book. The gameplay is looking to be a GOW-esqe type game, but honestly I can’t complain about that as it looks to be a fast paced, action-packed title all the way through based on the trailer.

Thor: God of Thunder also is now slated to release May 3rd, 2011 putting it on store shelves just a few days before the movie hits theaters. So watch the new trailer below and get ready as Thor is ready to slam into consoles in 2011…

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  • frankcastle66

    LOL i love how they make it seem all epic ” legend tells of another terrible game based on a movie made by sega” lol

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