Super Meat Boy on steroids- Box Art revealed

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We kid you not. Created by Dave Rapoza, what you are looking at is the box art for the limited edition PC version of Super Meat Boy. One of the most successful arcade games this year, SMB is being printed on disk for a full retail release, and although the box art may be… misleading, either way you will be playing as a rippling hunk of chunk, no matter how big.

Personally, I love it in an 80s super macho throwback kinda way, while his girlfriend there bears more resemblance to the recently announced Ms `Splosion Man than Bandage Girl. Team Meat had this to say:

“This cover will be placed on our upcoming PC boxed release that will be printed and sold independently through our site. This “Special Edition” pc version will feature the exact same game as you’ve played on steam, but it will also come packed with special features like behind the scenes videos, design sketches, illustrations and never before scene cutting room floor characters, art and the like.

We hope to have the printed version out by the end of Jan. after the level editor is out, it will probably sell for around 20-25 bucks depending on the final price of the printing.”

Rock on Super Meat Boy

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  • frankcastle66

    i picked up the xbla version when it came out and i had loads of fun …. i wish i was good enough at it to get the super meat boy avatar prop like my one friend lol because its amazing

  • jaypea360

    This reminds me of all the old school games that had totally over the top box art that had no resemblance of the in game characters or levels.

    That is what made the artwork great though, artistic license to turn a boring sprite into a masterpiece.

    C64 cassettes, I’m looking at you

  • Cellophane Girl

    DUDE! This is AWESOME. I seriously want a wallpaper of this now.
    Actually I’d settle for an up close unobstructed pic of Dr. Fetus and I’ll make one myself.

    It reminds me of the old school game covers, and those covers were special. “how does this pixel look anything like a person!?!”

  • Yer, I mean I guess it’s about taking the main features of said thing, like the missing tooth and the bandaid and transferring them over to a more realistic design. Dr fetus is brilliant and I love the fact they are naked.

    there is a “Wallpaper” from the official site

    • Cellophane Girl

      sweet, I’ll have to check it out and get the wallpaper then. Thanks! 😀

      • Cellophane Girl

        Hmm okay so just higher res versions of the pics. I think I’m going to have to take the 2 pics and make a wallpaper out of them. They are just to epic not to.
        But I see that they are going to have prints for sale of the artwork, so I’ll def. have to get those. 😀

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