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I have great news. Square Enix has just made all their games on the App Store on sale to celebrate the release of Secret of Mana for the iOS devices (read about it HERE). Yes, you heard that right. Chart-topping RPGs like Chaos Rings, Song Summoner and Final Fantasy I/II are all on sale up to 50% off! If this isn’t a great sale, I don’t know what is. Square Enix is one of the few developers that rarely put their games on sale; I don’t remember when the last time they did this is. This means, you should get them all while they are still cheap! It will only last until the 5th of January. Have fun!

  • Chaos Rings ($12.99→ $5.99 )
  • Chaos Rings for iPad ($15.99→ $7.99 )
  • Vanguard Storm ($3.99→ $1.99 )
  • Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes – Encore ($9.99→ $4.99 )
  • Sliding Heroes ($0.99→ FREE )
  • Hills and Rivers Remain ($4.99→ $1.99 )
  • Final Fantasy ($8.99→ $3.99 )
  • Final Fantasy II ($8.99→ $3.99 )
  • Chocobo Panic ($3.99→ $1.99 )
  • Voice Fantasy ($2.99→ $0 .99 )
  • Crystal Defenders ($7.99→ $3.99 )
  • Crystal Defenders for iPad ($7.99→ $3.99 )
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This is Joey here, a female gamer from Malaysia.
  • Cellophane Girl

    YAY! This last till after I get paid!
    :: happy dance ::

  • Joey Liew

    It’s crazy sale indeed! I’m going to get Chaos Rings for myself 😀

  • Any of them worth it? Haven’t played any of them before and not a huge fan of RPGs.

  • Joey Liew

    RPG-wise, Chaos Rings is a MUST HAVE. It is a good buy, at its lowest price ever, very epic turn-based RPG for the iPhone. Then, you can have Song Summoner, which is also another great RPG that takes a different approach (you level up through playing the music in your ipod playlist, kinda cool).

    Both Final Fantasy I/II are ports from their console version, it’s the classic turn-based RPG by Square Enix. Great ports~

    You should get these while they are on sale. Square Enix rarely put them on sale on the App Store.

  • Cellophane Girl

    I’d think sliding heros is worth a try since it’s free and all. 🙂

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