Playstation Rewards Program updated with Quests

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Everyone was just given a chance to join the Xbox Live Rewards program but Sony is also working on their own version of rewarding committed users with something they call the PlayStation Rewards Program. The program itself is still in beta format so changes are expected but they have now unveiled a new feature that is so far exclusive to the PlayStation Rewards program and that is something they are calling Quests.

These quests will be released tomorrow for beta participants and will give members a chance to perform certain activities to complete quests. When they finish quests they will be rewarded with Select, Pro, and Legendary membership status. Nine quests will be added to begin with and more are going to be coming throughout the next year. No real information as to what rewards will be given out for different levels of membership or quests completed so we will have to wait and see tomorrow.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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  • frankcastle66

    the xbox live rewards are a joke to me because they hardly give you anything i really hope sony crushes live in that department or maybe microsoft could get their stuff together and stop the money grubing …. one of the two

  • Cellophane Girl

    Quests? Seriously? That sounds stupid.
    I agree that the XBL Rewards seems pretty stupid too. I’m aggravated at Microsoft upping the subscription fee, and then trying to justify it by saying “oh well you get that ESPN channel now so we had to raise it 10 dollars a year”. I DON’T WANT IT! I have and will never use that, lemme take it off and have my 10 bucks back. I’ll take it in MSpoints even, so you can still keep my money but I get something I’ll actually use like a game or 2.

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