New Call of Duty Maps for Black Ops coming

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Get your surprise face on.  No really, we are about to blow your mind.  Ok, are you ready? Call of Duty Black Ops, the “biggest entertainment media launch in history” will be getting five new maps for that magical price of fifteen dollars or 1200 Microsoft points.  Yup, for just a 1/4 of the price of the actual game, you get the “Discovery” map, based on the Reznov mission and taking place in an Antarctic research station; “Kowloon” set in Kowloon, on rooftops; “Berlin Wall,” a fight at Checkpoint Charlie; and “Stadium,” set in an American hockey rink. It also includes the Zombie map, “Ascension.”  This pack will be called “First Strike.”  What will the second pack be called?  Also remember that that the pack will be exclusive to Xbox for about a month.

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  • jaypea360

    They sure now how to milk a franchise. I just want the zombie map. Looks like they are going to drip feed the zombie maps again, one per map pack. Dammit.

  • Munkynut

    Its disappointing that all the people that bought the game, either normal or prestige editions, arent really rewarded, they always have to fork out more, including me. Is it really worth it? The two map packs i bought for MW2 werent that great and i preferred playing the original maps anyway. Is it going to be the same for black ops? I am interested in the stadium map, and more zombie maps are always good, even though we are getting only one. When will we get the hidden WAW maps on the disc, Why put them on the disc if we cant use them? Is that what we pay $100 for?

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