Mass Effect 3 to launch on Xbox 360, PC and PS3

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For the first time ever a Mass Effect game will be launching on another console other than one supported by Microsoft. EA announced that Mass Effect 3 will be released on not only the Xbox 360 and PC, but also the PlayStation 3 as well during the 2011 holiday season. This means that the final chapter of the trilogy will be available for practically everyone as long as they have one of those systems.

This is a far different situation from what happened with Mass Effect 2, as that game is just now going to be seeing a release on the PS3 January 18th. This is of course good news because the franchise can be enjoyed by even more people now thanks to the multiplatform release.

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  • frankcastle66

    it really is a good thing that more people can enjoy mass effect that dont have a 360 and i hope this causes the game to be loved by all because it deserves it

  • jaypea360

    Exclusives suck. Good on Bioware for coming to the party.

  • wesker killer

    better stay ps3 exclusive i dont care

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