Forza 4 Speeds into a 2011 Release…

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For all of the racing fans out there, Forza 4 is now confirmed and will be hitting the 360 in the fall of 2011. At the VGAs we also got to see a first trailer for the game to top off the awesome news of this sequel. The live-action trailer shows off some of the terrain and action we can expect with the fourth entry of the game but one thing that was not shown in the trailer was the Kinect support which Microsoft boasted about during this year’s E3.

I expect more to come forward about just how the Kinect will play into Forza 4 in the future, but for now the trailer is a great confirmation that one of the 360’s most beloved racing franchises is still revved up and ready to go next year. Check out the trailer below.

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  • frankcastle66

    i saw this trailer through your facebook post earlier and i can honestly say i am excited for it not so much from the trailer but because i love cars and i am huge fan of the series and i cant wait to see how the game turns out and what all new features they will add if any

  • Munkynut

    Forza is a great racing game. I am looking forward to this release. Im not too sure how Kinect will work, mostly with accelerating and braking, especially in tight conditions, and manual gear changing, which has always been my favorite. Cant wait!

  • Munkynut .. resize to you avatar pic down to 60×60

    • Munkynut

      Hey thanks, I decided to use a different pic instead, but thanks for the help. I thought there may have been a moderator checking the pictures for approval, but it was a size issue. Cheers!

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