Dead Rising 2: Case West is a belated present

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Better make sure that you have all of your new games, gadgets and toys secured away after the holidays because Dead Rising 2: Case West will be taking up most of your time on December 27th when it is released. The epilogue to Dead Rising 2 will appear only on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 MSP ($10). This price point is double that of Case Zero.

Sure the price may be double but it is still under the pricing of other arcade games of it’s type that can easily run 1200 points or in rare cases 1600 points. Case West itself will take place within the Phenotrans Facility and provide co-op gameplay if the play chooses to, as well as the re-introduction of the photography element from the first Dead Rising. So how many people are going to go for the full trifecta and own Case Zero, Dead Rising 2, and Case West? I know I will.

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  • Finally Frank FTW

  • jaypea360

    Its about time. I absolutely love Dead Rising. 800points is still cheap, I would have paid that for Case Zero.

    This is going to be so fun, I can’t wait.

  • Munkynut

    Franks camera + Gems = Plasma cannon. lol.

    I never played Dead Rising but DR2 was so much fun. I can picture the happy snaps already!

  • frankcastle66

    i am looking forward to getting dr2 for christmas if everything goes according to plan and then if i enjoy it as much as i should then i will get this

    • jaypea360

      You will love it. Have you played case zero?

  • jaypea360

    Just came across this if anyone is interested. It shows the start of Case West so it may contain spoilers.

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