Cube Points are Live!

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Hello everyone!

Cube Points are officially live and working to their fullest potential with many ways to gain points and many ways to spend them on cool rewards.

Cube Points have been technically floating around on the site since the end of October, but we have officially dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s and placed the entire rewards system onto the site. The cube points system is fully working and everyone can gain points and spend them on whatever they want.

There are a lot of additions so check out the numerous pages we have set up and familiarize yourself with the system.
Click the links below to go to each page, or hover over the Cube Points tab at the top of the site and pick the particular section you are interested in.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.  Leave a message below or in the forum (link to it located below)

We hope everyone uses this new rewards system to its fullest potential and that everyone enjoys themselves as they participate in the community and gain cool rewards for doing so.

As a big thank you to those who have been posting recently, we are awarding the current top 5 on the leaderboard extra points onto their account. (Please give up to a week for these points to actually get into your Cube Points account)

Capsule Computers reserves the right to alter the Cube Points rewards program in any way shape or form without prior notice.
  • Cellophane Girl

    This = best thing ever.

    But do you think you could make a more specified outline of what a review can be? Obviously games, but, can they be games that have already been written about? Can people write other articles that relate to games but aren’t a reviews (for example articles on gaming legislation, etc).

    The prizes are very cool you guys. I try to check the site every day, and I think this will help me remember. 🙂

    • frankcastle66

      i agree best thing ever indeed and i love what you guys have done with the site since the last time i was on 🙂

  • yeah mroe information about the reviews would be nice

  • v8hilux

    start racking them up people. also more info on the reviews would definitly be more helpfull if poss guys.

    • You aren’t the first to say that, and I keep adding details about how the reviews should be written on the “How to Gain Cube Points” page ::

      I honestly don’t know what else I could include. If you have something particular in mind, say it and I’ll add it.

      • Cellophane Girl

        I was just thinking about articles other than game reviews. Like reviews for controllers, or DVD’s.
        And then articles that aren’t reviews at all but more like commentaries on things having to do with games.

        And on the game reviews do they have to be new games or are any games open to being reviewed.

  • Mitchell485

    i loved the rewards but just dont have enough

  • Darklurkr23

    Sounds great! Now if I could just get enough

    • Cellophane Girl

      Well, just check the site everyday and comment on articles when you have something to say and those points will start to slowly stack up. 🙂

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