Bulletstorm gets a profanity filter

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While you may not mind your eyes witnessing plenty of blood and heads getting blown off by guns your ears may still be just as sensitive to all of those nasty curses. Ever since Bulletstorm has been announced we’ve seen countless trailers and videos that showed parts of the game where the characters swear up so much of a storm that a simple F-bomb doesn’t even cut it to what they say compared to what we’ve seen.

Thankfully it seems that Bulletstorm will have a feature that not only gives the game subtitles (in case you like to read your curses as well as hear them) but also an option to turn on a language filter that will tone down the excessive swearing. There aren’t too many details involving this so that means that this filter could just cut down the extra swearing during gameplay but not in cut-scenes, or it could cut the swearing down all together. This means that as long as you aren’t worried about all of the blood and stylistic killing doesn’t bother you but creative swearing does then you won’t have to worry when Bulletstorm comes out February 22nd next year.

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