Batman Arkham City Teaser Trailer isn’t “trapped”

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An exclusive teaser trailer for Batman Arkham City has dropped and sadly it was incredibly disappointing. The teaser trailer consisted of a few short seconds of what seemed like splintercells being beaten up from the shadows. The ending reveals that it was Batman doing all the beating up.

What exactly did we learn from this teaser? That Batman can beat people up, and that he isn’t “trapped” after all. Sure it isn’t exactly satisfying but it is at least something.

Check out the short teaser trailer below.

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  • Yer, actually given the story and/of why Batman is in the city, it can be assumed that he is fighting the good guys as well as the bad guys. I’ll also take a punt and say that they were not trying to “trap” Batman, but one of the bad guys, but Batman has to disable them so that he can deal with whomever it is.

    Further we now know also that there is pre-rendered movies in the game rather than just cut scenes which is different to the first game and points toward a more cinematic and movie-esque experience. Obviously we can also see “the good guys” here that have also come into the city but are not standard police

  • Cellophane Girl

    Well they don’t call it a “teaser” trailer for nothing.

    They are designed to give you the smallest little kernel of information, and to cause you to go looking around for more information.
    But it still looks good to me.

  • frankcastle66

    im not a fan of the short teasers but there’s no such thing as a long one lol so im not a fan of them in general but batman punching people is always nice lol

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