Record of Agarest War 2 brings with it 200% more soul breeding

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The Record of Agarest War series has already settled itself into a nice niche fanbase in both America and Japan. This is only more evident with the fact that Record of Agarest War Zero is making its way to American shores making it the second game of its type here. Now Compile Heart is working on yet another Record of Agarest War title and is more of a direct sequel to the first game.

They have recently released another trailer for the game, that you can see below. (NSFW) Sure it may look risque but there is nothing overly revealing inside the game itself considered that it has been given a rating equivalent to a T rating. The trailer itself doesn’t show off many of the gameplay features other than the perverted nature of parts of the game. Check out the trailer beneath that one for some actual gameplay outside of the risque parts. There hasn’t been any news of this one making its way outside of Japan, but considering the fact that the rest of the series has made its way out overseas there is a good chance of Agarest War 2 as well.

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