New Sonic Colors Trailer Appears; DS Demo Goes Live…

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We are closer than ever to the the release of Sonic Colors and it is looking better than ever. The first thing to take notice of is the brand new trailer showing off how each wisp power effects Sonic in gameplay. What is obvious by this trailer is how fast the game is and how the wisps, unlike power-ups in more recent titles, do not effect this speed whatsoever.

If you are itching to try out this game, whip out your DSi and download the demo from the Wii Nintendo store as it is now live! Sonic looks to be making the comeback we have all wanted for years by the looks of it Sonic Colors has potential to be THAT title where the blue hedgehog gets back all of his credibility with fans. We will bring you more updates as the game gets closer to launching November 16th. Check out the trailer below…

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