Not One, But Two Xbox Bundles!

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Microsoft has revealed two Xbox bundles.  The first one is available on the Microsft Store for $249.99.  It includes $50.00 of MS Points, two controllers, a 4GB Xbox 360 S- Console, and a year of XBL Gold.  All in all, you can save up to about $100.  If you have not bought a new Xbox or you want to upgrade, this might be the time.  Just remember that a new, bigger hard drive will cost around $100 😉

Finally, the other Xbox 360 bundle will be packaged with Alan Wake and Forza 3.  This deal is scheduled to be released in S. Korea, Europe and Canada.  It may still be announced for other countries as well. Look for more details as they are announced.

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  • Uncle Nigel

    Farout, maybe i should of waited before i got my new 360 then?

  • jaypea360

    That is a good deal. Now to wait for my current 360 to die. I am interested to try the new controller out, see if the stocks make any difference.

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