New gory Splatterhouse shots, also non-splattered house

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There is more to Splatterhouse than just a whole bunch of blood and everything else contained within a living, or unliving body. But what lies underneath all of that splatter? Well a normal house that is, and most likely tons of other places. Ironically this is the first time that there hasn’t been a screenshot that is full of blood or a gore covered protagonist.

Catch the screenshots below, and marvel at the fact that Rick can appear with a whole body, and wonder who that picture could be of. Though we will find out November 23rd when it hits the PS3 and 360.

[nggallery id=120]

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  • Cellophane Girl

    I keep almost forgetting about this game, even though I really want it. The screen shots look awesome. The skeleton arm shot looks especially good.
    So many things are coming out from now till after Christmas that I want. Going to have to win the lotto to afford them all.

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