Happy Halloween Competition!


Happy Halloween from everyone here at Capsule Computers! I’m sure everyone today is going to be out scaring their friends and neighbors along with gathering candy from anyone they can manage to get it from. Now today is all about trick or treating, but we have a treat for everyone today with a contest!

Now how can you enter this contest you may ask? Well it is very simple. Just take a picture with whatever happens to be your Halloween costume this year. Not dressing up this year or feel like you are too old for it, then no matter just submit an older picture from Halloween. We will be taking the submissions we receive and choosing randomly among them for the winner.

The winner of said contest will be receiving a PC copy of Spellbound and Dreamcatcher’s latest game Arcania: Gothic 4. We’ll be extending the deadline past Halloween itself and will be ending it on Wednesday November 3rd. You may post your picture below or in our forums under the topic of the same name!

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  • will285

    leaving my pic over at the forums now 🙂

  • will285

    um how exactly do u insert a picture??

  • Travis Bruno

    Hey Will, you can use the link there at the bottom of the post to join the forum discussion and then there just hit reply and there will be an insert image button up top. There you can upload a picture or put the URL from wherever you have your pictures uploaded too like photobucket.

  • Cellophane Girl

    Okay well since I’m not doing anything this year I’ll upload mine from 2 years ago…. I have a video game related one from like 7 years ago, but I don’t know where it is. Off to the forum to post. 🙂

  • Cellophane Girl

    Uhh so if only one person enters do they win by default? Cause I have seen no one else enter so far. Which is fine with me but it seems like a cheap win. Come on people enter!

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