Ghost Trick haunts the New Year on January 11th

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With Halloween only days away, it’s time for game companies to be releasing a variety of different horror titles and scary games right? Well Capcom at least has an announcement about a game with a ghost in it. Though this ghost is more of a Phantom Detective if you catch my drift. Capcom has announced their US release date for Nintendo DS puzzle game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

Designed by Shu Takumi, famous for designing the Ace Attorney series, has players taking control of their main character, too bad he is already dead when the game begins. The main character named Sissel chooses to use his new ghost form to interact with the real world through various objects so that he can solve the mystery to his own murder and save the lives of others. I’ve been anticipating this one for quite a while thanks to its Ace Attorney pedigree. Catch a bit of gameplay below:

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