Win Exclusive Beta Access for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood on Playstation 3

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All you Assassin’s Creed fans out there that can’t wait to get their hands on Brotherhood and have a Playstation 3, UBISOFT have provided us with 10 Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Exclusive Beta codes for Playstation 3 to give away. 

What we’re going to do is pick 5 lucky winners here and 5 lucky winners on our Facebook page. 

Read below and then leave a comment.  We’ll pick the lucky winners by the end of the week (Friday 10th September).  1  Entry per person.  You can enter here on the site and also on our facebook page.  Click here to be taken to our Facebook Page to enter.

Good Luck to you all 🙂

*** Winner have been picked and emailed they are ***


*** Congratulations and have fun playing the beta when it starts up !! ***

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  • Will

    Deffinently the story of it and the muliplayer

  • Snake

    Good luck everyone but I hope I win

  • Joker

    the thing i am most looking forward for is the cool new multiplayer with about 15+ new skins and 3 game modes.

    I hope i win!!

  • Luis_someguy

    Im very excited to see how to the story will turn out and im also very excited to see how the multiplayer fells in my hando when i have a chance to play it.

  • Luis

    Im excited to see how the story will turn out, and if we will encounter some new good characters. Im surprised by the multiplayer,I think it will be fantastic to play with your friend in an assassins creed game, very cool.

  • Farjuan

    I want to see what happens after the events of Ac 2

  • Luis

    Sorry for the double post 🙂

  • Nikolamat

    Im most looking forward to the multiplayer

  • danz

    it has to be the free roaming and then going behind someone and killing them like a proper little spy

  • Jazzbang

    I’m looking to the multi-player the most, looks interesting.

  • This game is going to be KILLER! I want to have a jumpstart before it comes out! Will it end or will it be a new beginning to a new era! Hope I win!

  • Josh

    After buying AC1 and 2 i want to see if the multiplayer will add a completely new experience to the game. Good luck all!

  • The multiplayer is going to be epic! =D

  • Grouken

    I want. This game looks great.

  • oasis789

    i want it!

    btw your site loads weird on firefox.

  • xombiekitty

    I like the list of characters to choose from, but I really like the wanted & alliance play modes!!!

  • Just stopping by to give Capsule Computers some LOVE! Thanks so much! You all are great! Can’t wait to play Brotherhood and I’ll stop by to share some thoughts!

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