Purchase Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue and get free DLC within a week of launch

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We’ve said before that it is amazing to see the sequel to DeathSpank already arriving quite early after the release of the first game, but now EA has even more good news for us. They have announced that those who purchase the sequel within a week of the launch date, meaning September 20th-27th for the PS3 and the 22nd-28th on the Xbox 360, will receive two additional bits of DLC for free.

This is good news for everyone that has been anticipating the game, considering one bit of the DLC is an additional dungeon to explore, and the other is another co-op character. If you happen to be a bit late with your purchase however you can still get this DLC, though you will have to pay for it. The “Snowy Mountain Dungeon” will cost $3 or 240 MSP, and the co-op character “Sidekick Tankko” will be only $1 or 80 MSP. Bear in mind though that players of the previous Deathspank game will not have their equipment or level carried over, but we can think of this opening week DLC as a bit of make up for that fact.

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