Friday Free Game Give Away- Win An Xbox 360 Retail GAME !!

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Well Friday is here !! I love Fridays, but you know what I love even more.  Making one of our readers at Capsule Computers even happier by giving them an XBOX RETAIL GAME (Pal version) away.

Now I’m going to make it as simple as possible. 

Tell me what you got planned this weekend ?  Are you washing your hair, giving the dog a bath, mowing the lawn, going to visit your grandma, or are you just going to lounge around the house and play video games all weekend. 

Whatever your doing I want to know.  Leave a comment below and we’ll pick a winner by the end of the weekend.  (Sunday night)  That lucky person will win themselve a Random XBOX Retail Game !! (PAL)

One entry per person and also let us know what part of the world your from 🙂

Play Hard Or Don't Play At All
  • Erica Best

    im chillin at home this weekend

  • Pete

    Newcastle, UK. hey CC I have a packed weekend as usual so starting tonight with having a drink with missus watching TV and playing 360 LC:GOL and maybe burnout and fifa 10 then saturday shopping with me son and watching footy and a saturday night drinking and playing games then its feet up for roast pork dinner “after I cook it that is lol” on sunday followed by some gaming 🙂

  • Tornadoblaster

    So.. I am eventually going to buy RUSE, and I have to do some boring homework..
    But hey.. just see what is comming, and doing the best with it 🙂

    .. sry for bad english

    I am from Switzerland

  • SickPigeon

    Today is payday so i will be paying bills during weekend. On saturday if it’s not pouring down rain I will be playing paintball with coworkers and friends. I haven’t looked yet to see if I work sunday but I am guessing that I am.

  • Will

    Well I’m going to play cricket for my club now and when I get home I’m Gina watch tv and play wii

  • Will


  • Will

    And I I’m from australia

  • Davicams

    From the US, I am just gonna be chilling out at the house this weekend.

  • Jared Zimmermann

    I’m going to Platinum Call of Duty: World at War and then spit on it. Cause that game is horrible.

  • Tonight I took my daughter to her first fireworks show, and tomorrow is her first soccer practice/game and she’s got a birthday on Sunday. She’s definitely keeping us busy this weekend! 🙂

  • Went to friends football game Friday, brothers soccer game Saturday, my colleges football game Saturday, and then festival in my hometown Sunday, busy weekend for me.

  • taylor

    My fiancee is going out of town for the weekend so I will be catching up with some hardcore gaming.

  • Akhil

    I’m in the UK.

    I’m gonna play some tennis, walk the dog, catch up with mates and sleep.
    Oh and sort uni out!!!

  • Richard

    Gonna be playing some xbox 360, most likely TRIALS HD, maybe some DR2 Case 0 or COD what ever floats my boat, hopefully going to go outside and have a life and see some sun!

  • blakehu

    This weekend is grape harvest time (for wine) 🙂

    I am from Hungary.

  • David ferrandino

    This weekend I’m working 40 hours 12hr Friday , 16hrs sat , and 12 hrs sun. I am from upton Ma USA

  • Onsyman

    Working on my C++ project in my summer course. yeah this weekend is going to be the best

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