Capcom Sticker Give Away from Tokyo Game Show

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Want to win some really cool Capcom stickers !!

Up for grabs we have a choice of four stickers from Capcoms up and coming titles : 

To win all you have to do is leave a comment below on which sticker you’d like to win and why.  Competition will end on Sunday .. Good luck to all

(stickers are the size of a postcard)

Phoenix Wright 2

Mega Man  Universe

Monster Hunter Portable 3

Marvel vs Capcom 3

Play Hard Or Don't Play At All
  • Jason

    Cool id like to win the Marvel vs Capcom 3 sticker because i grew up with MvC2 back in the day. After lunch go over to the store where they have the game and play until the quarters are GONE! Good times….

  • Sabrina

    The mega man stickers! Grew up with the series, and i like the pixel mega man stickers.

  • JP

    I’d like the megaman sticker. Been playing it since the NES days.

  • Vampiresavior

    I must have the Marvel vs Capcom 3 one. Why? How about why not? The artwork is fantastic. It makes a great collectible, and it has my favorite Darkstalker character in it. I could go on and on into why I want it, but there’s not enough space or time to emphasize how much I desire that sticker.

  • Matthew

    Marvel Sticker

    Because I’ve never had a Marvel sticker, and frankly I would really like a Marvel sticker.


  • Richard

    Capcom is the bee’s knees, anything from capcom rocks, all there games are the best and will always dominate!

  • lola malone

    these are so awesome! I LOVE the megaman sticker & Phoenix Wright. I think I would love megaman the most though. 🙂

  • I like the Marvel vs Capcom 3 sticker!!

  • Gail

    I would love the Monster Hunter stickers! I love the game. Own it on the wii and psp!

  • Julia

    I’d love to win the Marvel vs Capcom one. My Husbands b-day is coming up in a few weeks and I’m to broke to get him anything and he loves Fighting games. 🙂

  • Jonathan

    mega man

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