Bulletstorm’s TGS gameplay demonstration

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When MasterAbbott was at Tokyo Game Show last week he was able to get a look at Bulletstorm in it’s full glory in a video demonstration presented by Epic Games. But now everyone has a chance to see it and it is even better due to the fact that it is now being narrated by the game’s producer Tanya Jessen.

In the video we see the “Bouncer” gun which fires an explosive cannonball at your enemies. That isn’t all though because besides being awesome in it’s own right, there isn’t anything stylish about blowing your enemies up with a cannon right? Well you can also control the ball’s bouncing with kicks and send it plowing into your enemies and earn extra style points. We also see a bit of environmental kills thanks to a falling elevator. Not sure about the rest of you but I can’t wait to see Epic Games new step into a FPS and the very interesting ways you can kill your enemies.

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