Xbox Live Price Rise, 1 November

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Right off the back of the previous announcement from Microsoft that voice communications on the Xbox Live service are having improvements, it has also been announced that the price of Xbox Live is set to rise for some. As of November 1st, 2010, around the release of Kinect, the cost of the service will have a rise which will affect Xbox Live members from the UK, US, Mexico and Canada. Could this be an effort to earn more money from new Xbox 360 players who join the service after being introduced through Kinect, as well as gain from existing members? Perhaps it’s to compensate for the improvements being made to Voice Comms? Either way, the announcement only went live on Major Nelson’s website a very short while ago and has already met huge outrage from disgruntled players.

Here’s a look at the changes:


1M Gold:  $7.99

3M Gold:  $19.99

12M Gold:  $49.99

Starting Nov 1, 2010

1M Gold:  $9.99

3M Gold: $24.99

12M Gold: $59.99


1M Gold:  4.99 GBP

Starting Nov 1, 2010

1M Gold:  5.99 GBP


1M Gold:  $8.99 CAD

Starting Nov 1, 2010

1M Gold:  $9.99 CAD


12M Gold:  499 Pesos

Starting Nov 1, 2010

12M Gold:  599 Pesos

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