Custom Controllers are Becoming Quite a Trend…

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2010 is really the year of the gamer. We seen huge releases from all three consoles this year. Now how about a great way to play all these games? Well, many new titles this year have their own controllers being released featuring a design that fits the game.

Check out a round-up of some of the new controller designs that will released this year.

Halo Reach Controller
Xbox 360

Fable 3 Controller
Xbox 360

Epic Mickey Nunchuck
Nintendo Wii

TRON WiiMote
Nintendo Wii

TRON Dualshock 3 Controller
Playstation 3

TRON Xbox 360 Controller
XBox 360

Goldeneye Classic Controller
Nintendo Wii

Yes, you can now all wipe the drool from your face and get ready to play in style. Custom controllers based off hit titles is nothing new, but this year the name of the game seems to be  quality. Which one of these will you be picking up?

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  • Will


  • frank

    lol the tron ones are my favorite even though i love goldeneye that one is to flashy even for me lol and since i dont own a wii and dont play my ps3 that much nor do i plan at this moment on getting fable 3 i think i might pick up the tron 360 controller providing its not ridiculously over priced

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