COD: Black Ops Hardened and Prestige Edition Details

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Last time we had night vision goggles this time we have a RC-XD surveillance vehicle comes in this Call of Duty’s Package. This RC car is a fully working replica toy that you can mess about with, the bomb that is found within the game is absent however.

The RC car has a range of over 200 feet and a built-in remote camera which transmits images back to the monitor on the controller. Ill leave your imagination to figure out what you could do with that.

The Hardened Edition will be bundled in the Prestige Edition package with the car, and includes a special steelbook case and a card to redeem Xbox Live Avatar items and four extra co-op maps.

While the avatar outfit will probably be an exclusive, I am sure the Co-op maps will eventually peak their heads out on the xbox live marketplace as purchasable DLC.

  • Will


  • Omg, that is damn awesome

  • Ashley

    My boyfriend wants that!
    I want to know how mutch it cost.
    His birthday is 11 november.
    And the game comes 9 november.
    Dont blame me for my english because its verry bad :$ haha.
    Can somebody help me with the price?
    Mail me than:
    Greats Ashley

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